Hazard Assessment Signage Program (HASP)

HASP is an essential component of Rensselaer’s laboratory safety program. All laboratories and shops must display a HASP sign. Information on the sign informs individuals of the hazards that are present in the space, provides necessary information in the case of an emergency, and supports compliance with regulatory requirements.

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS):

  • Provides information and training on the HASP system.
  • Offers guidance and assistance to campus partners on the identification of hazard types and development of HASP signs.
  • Maintains a repository of HASP signs that are accessible to the campus community.

Principal Investigators, Laboratory and/or Shop Supervisors:

  • Ensure HASP signs are accurate and posted for their areas.
  • Update HASP signs when hazards in room or contact information changes.
  • Provide updated HASP information to EHS.

Building Coordinators:

Work with Principal Investigators, Laboratory Supervisors and Department Chairs to ensure that laboratories and shops in their buildings have accurate HASP signs posted.

Follow these instructions to create your own HASP Sign. More detail is found in the HASP Manual.

  1. Open the Self-Serve HASP Template in BOX.
    • To update an existing HASP sign, download the HASP sign from the building folder and make the needed changes following the instructions below.
  2. Download the HASP template, open file in Microsoft Word, and enable editing.
  3. Fill out all unshaded cells.
    • Double click or use the dropdowns to enter information in the cells. 
    • Use TAB to move between cells that require information. If you do not have information for a cell, you can delete the text or select the blank from the dropdown.
    • For Hazard Pictograms to appear, select from the dropdown and hit TAB.
  4. Email a copy of the completed HASP sign to ehs@rpi.edu.
  5. Print and post the HASP sign at the entrance to the space. Recommend installing HASP sign in a wall mounted sign holder.

You may access existing HASP signs in BOX. To update an existing HASP sign, download the HASP sign and make changes following the instructions above.

Email the completed HASP sign to ehs@rpi.edu.

If you have questions or need assistance creating a HASP sign, please email ehs@rpi.edu or contact another member of the EHS team.

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